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Preliminary Questions

Booking a civil partnership notice appointment 

A notice is a legal statement that must be given individually by each of you prior to your ceremony

Notices are venue specific, valid for 12 months and must be given in the registration district where you live. Therefore you can only give notice within 12 months of your propsed Civil Partnership formation date.

By continuing and making a booking for a notice appointment you are confirming that you:

  • have read all the guidance on our website
  • both have all the required documentation and can meet the residency requirements
  • have already made a ceremony booking with the relevant registration office, minister or venue 
  • agree to our terms and conditions

Please note:- non-UK and citizens with no EUSS status must contact the service via email to book a notice appointment 

Further guidance can be found here

Demand for appointments can be high so we advise you book your notice appointment up to 12 months ahead of your ceremony date.  Your ceremony cannot be confirmed until notice has been given and an authority issued after the notices have been displayed publicly for 28 or 70 clear days. 

Notices are only valid for 12 months so please ensure you do not make your appointment more than 12 months ahead of your ceremony date. 

If your ceremony is in the next 6 weeks please contact us before booking your appointment

We provide pre-booked appointments only, we do not offer walk-in appointments at any of our offices.

All documents produced MUST be originals, valid and in English, photocopies are not acceptable.

Please refrain from bringing food and/or drink to your appointment.Mobile phones are also not permitted to be used during your appointment.

We recommend that you arrive at least 10 minutes before your appointment is to due to start to confirm your attendance

Please note - you need to demonstrate a clear link between all of the names on the documents you provide. For example, a marriage certificate or change of name deed if you have returned to your maiden name

Further information regarding a notice (including a comprehensive list of all the documents you must provide) is available on our website. 

The Registration Service will not refund any pre-paid fees if you: -

  • fail to attend your appointment and haven't contacted us is advance
  • arrive more than 10 minutes late for your appointment
  • cannot produce all of the required documentation
  • haven't confirmed your ceremony venue & date
  • do not meet the residency requirements

If we cannot complete the notice of civil partnership appointment, for any of the reasons detailed above, you will need to book another appointment and additional charges will be incurred.

You will be required to pay the statutory notice fee when booking your appointment, please have your payment card ready before proceeding.

The West Northamptonshire Registration Service fees are subject to change on the 1st April each year, if the 1st of April falls between the time of booking and the date of your appointment, the Registration Service reserves the right to pass on any future fee increases to you. This includes all statutory fees.

Data Security - West Northamptonshire Council Registration Service is committed to ensuring your information is protected.  We only collect your data where we have a legal obligation; as a public task or with your express consent. Please read our Privacy Notice for full details.


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